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I've never had any space at home. I was forced to share my living space with my twin brother.

We slept together in the living room on the sofa bed. A personal intimacy has always been rarity.

I was born in 1991 in the northern suburbs of Milan.

I need to go far from home far from the people I know. Far from the brakes noise of the bus which stops under my place.

I like to travel with no dates of return already set. I'm attracted by other human beings.

As a kid I stole a wheel of a roller-skate from a shop, only one, I just loved that one. Once at home I felt so guilty that I never stole again. I didn't even have the roller-skate.

My mother left away home with another man when I was 10. I grew up without her.

I like to find the perfect pages of books.

I have a great relationship with loneliness. I grew up with my father and my brother. I love my father, I really do. Last summer we did a road trip together.

I like to take off cucumber from cheeseburger.

I need to go far from the life I live.

Taking photographs is an opportunity to live a life that wasn’t supposed to be mine in places that weren’t supposed to be mine.

I like it when at the supermarket the cashier ask me 82 cents for milk and I find the two spare cents in the bottom of the pocket.